The One A Day Program

WHAT IS The One A Day program?

The Athlete Program One a Day is one of the complete CrossFit programs we offer for the aspiring competitor. This program offers volume in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and gymnastics in just one 90min session, 5 days per week.

We know that not every aspiring athlete has the time or capacity to dedicate 3+ hours a day in the gym. We also know that you should be able to train like a competitor doing just one session a day! 

This program will ensure you are ready to compete to your full potential during the Open, 1/4 Finals and 1/2 Finals. The One a Day Program is challenging, and will push you to your limits, but will take those who trust the process further than they thought they could ever go.

Each day’s workouts include warm ups, cool downs, and workout notes that clearly explain the intended stimulus, target scores, time caps, movement explanation, scaling options and more.

WHO IS The One A Day Program For?

We suggest this program for athletes that have competed in multiple Open seasons but can only commit to around 90mins of training per day. It is very well suited for those looking to make 1/4 Finals and beyond, improve their placement in online qualifiers, or want to push themselves to be better on a daily basis.

The One a Day program is based off The Athlete Program (2 a day), so you will be able to train with your competitive friends who are following that program without having to workout alone.

How long Does take each day & What Days per Week?

This program will usually take around 90mins to complete each day and will be completed in one session.

We follow the traditional CrossFit schedule 5 days on and 2 days “off.”

Workouts are included Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.. Thursdays are an active recovery day (often having the option of a swim, movement quality session, or yoga) and Sundays are a full rest day.

We also offer The Athlete Program, a double session program, 5 days per week:

What should I do if I one area of weakness?

Check out our TAP One a Day Strength Bias, TAP Gymnastics Bias and TAP Conditioning Bias programs. These follow the same structure as The One a Day Program, but are designed to focus more on the areas you need to work on, these are all also available on our single session track.

Strength Bias –

Gymnastics Bias –

Conditioning Bias –

What should I do if this program is too advanced?


This is based off The Athlete Program but revolves around getting athletes to the level where they can begin to follow a competitive program. Those looking to get their first muscle up, link butterfly pull ups or a bodyweight snatch can all benefit from this program.

As a rule of thumb you should be able to do 3+ Unbroken Muscle Ups, 6+ Unbroken Strict HSPU and Snatch 80/55kg (175/120lbs) to be to The Athlete Program.

If you can’t manage these skills then TAP EVERYDAY ATHLETE is for you! You can find out more about the EVERYDAY Program here: