The Everyday Athlete Program

WHAT IS The Everyday program?

The Athlete Program – Everyday Athlete is the first step to get you on the road to competitive CrossFit. 

It’s a day 1 style program designed to guide you through and progress you to completing all of the skills needed to compete in The Sport of Fitness.

This program offers volume in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and gymnastics in just one 90min session, 5 days per week.

Each block builds on the last with key focus points and progressions allowing you to master the fundamentals and building proper mechanics consistently before adding volume and intensity. 

Each day’s workouts include warm ups, cool downs, and workout notes that clearly explain the intended stimulus, target scores, time caps, movement explanation, scaling options and more.

WHO IS The Everyday Athlete Program For?

The Everyday Athlete Program is ideal for those starting their competitive CrossFit journey! If you are new to the sport and are ready to take the next step up from classes then this is the perfect place to start. 

There is no prerequisite skill level or strength level to start this program. Although having a basic knowledge of the foundational CrossFit movements will help you progress faster. 

Get your first Ring Muscle Up, build strength and mobility with Olympic Lifting and master the basics while challenging yourself with tough conditioning sessions and pushing yourself to that next level. 

How long Does take each day & What Days per Week?

This program will usually take around 90mins to complete each day and will be completed in one session.

We follow the traditional CrossFit schedule 5 days on and 2 days “off.”

Workouts are included Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.. Thursdays are an active recovery day (often having the option of a swim, movement quality session, or yoga) and Sundays are a full rest day.