Fully personalised programming From some of the best coaches in the industry.

WHAT IS TAP 1-2-1?

The Athlete Program is proud to present TAP 1-2-1, our Individualised Design Program. Striving to build a community of excellence, TAP 1-2-1 delivers to you everything you need to become the best athlete you can possibly be, whatever your background or your current level of proficiency.

We know that every athlete has various strengths, weaknesses, and goals. We know and have proven what it takes to make athletes succeed. This is why we will provide you with a highly targeted program tailor made around you and your needs.

The Athlete Program is a built around 3 key pillars: performance, hard work, and smart programming. TAP 1-2-1 will personalise these pillars specifically to meet your needs to help you reach your goals.


  • Fully Individualised Design Programming from one of our internationally recognised Athlete Program coaches.
  • Assessment of your current level of performance, setting your personal goals and breaking them up into clear short and mid-term targets
  • Development of a workout-structure most beneficial to you as an athlete which includes specific daily programming adapted to your needs and aim to systematically address your specific weaknesses, at your gym, on a track or in your local swimming pool.
  • Follow up and debrief according to your level and your objectives.
  • Weekly or Daily contact with your coach.
  • First invites to all TAP Training Days
  • Exclusive support through The CrossFit Open, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Online Qualifiers and Competitions including pacing tips, strategies, warm-ups, and cool downs all specifically designed to meet your individual needs.


We recommend TAP 1-2-1 for:

    • Semi Final and Games level athletes looking for specific individual programming to take them to the next level of performance
    • Athletes who want something more specific to them
    • Athletes who need more coach contact
    • Athletes who are working round injuries
    • Athletes with a limited time schedule, or an unusual lifestyle / work schedule
    • Athletes with clear-cut weaknesses


Mike Catris