The Athlete Program’s Affiliate Programming

Literally everything you need to help run your group sessions in your club.

Our affiliate program has you covered for all seven days of the week. Working in training blocks, and focusing on strength, speed, and skill, your members will have the constantly varied, but cleverly structured programming they require for enjoyable workouts, as well as measurable progress.

Squat cycles, overhead strength, deadlift form, and overall efficiency in Olympic lifting is complemented with gymnastic skill work, unilateral exercise, and explosive movement. The affiliate program is suitable for different equipment availability including dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and boxes, as well as variations in erg machines.

The workouts include Coaches’ Notes to describe the stimulus for each session. With general warm up suggestions and WOD-specific warm ups included, and movement scaling options for different abilities, the Affiliate Program from The Athlete Program has all you need to help run your classes.

For more information, please email our team:

Option 1: Affiliate Program

12 Month Upfront £62.50pm*  //  Monthly (No contract) £75pm

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Option 2: Affiliate Program + Complete Access

12 Month Upfront £71pm*  //  Monthly (No contract) £85pm

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Option 3: Affiliate Program + BoxMate Offer

BoxMate provides a platform to delivery your programming directly to your members through an app and our programming is downloaded with a few clicks and seconds instead of hours of designing and uploading programming. As well as programming and score logging for the members the platform offers vital tools to communicate with your community through notifications, news feeds, questions, challenges, competitions and more.

As a new BoxMate customer, users of The Athlete Program affiliate qualify for 2 months FREE BoxMate subscription with their premium PLUS tier.

BoxMate Monthly Fee: £0.75+VAT per member (Price reduced at 100 members)

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