Weightlifting Coach and Program Designer

Zac found his passion for Olympic Weightlifting after starting CrossFit in 2014. A year later he had made a full transition to Essex Weightlifting Club, and shortly after completed his British Weightlifting Level 1 and 2 coaching qualifications.

His interest in coaching started years before weightlifting, where he dedicated many hours to coaching juniors in the sport of Cricket. After breaking away from cricket due to injury, Zac leapt at the chance to continue coaching, but instead in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. He is committed to developing everyone he coaches, and particularly enjoys sharing in the success and improvement that they achieve.


  • BWL Level 1 Coach
  • BWL Level 2 Coach
  • BWL Full Coaching License

Coaching tutorials from;
Jack Oliver, Owen Boxhall, Giles Greenwood, Apti Aukhadov, Donny Shankle and Glenn Pendlay

Competition coaching experience;
BWL regional competitions, English Championships, British Championships, British Masters and World Masters Championships

What made you become a coach?     
“To help people get better at something that challenged them.          “

What is the first thing you do when you get to the gym to start your training session?
“Recall what prehab I need to get done first”

What is your favorite food to eat the night after a big competition?
“Ice cream”

How much do you think character and mindset contributes to winning?
“Alot. Your character is what drives you to keep pushing to be a champion, your mindset is the vehicle for negotiating that often tricky pursuit”


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