Severin started doing bodybuilding at the age of 18 and continued in that field for 6 years. After he finished high-school he started working at a local gym as a receptionist and in a year he completed his personal trainer certificate level 3 from the Romanian Federation Sport for All.

“In 2012 I found out about CrossFit, it was a commercial on television and after that I started Googling about it and because I got bored of the same routine that you have in bodybuilding I started reading and practising CrossFit”.

In 2014 he participated at the national classic bodybuilding championship and came 2nd!

Then also in 2014 he got a job in Kuwait as a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Euphoria and in 2015 he completed his CF level 1.

In 2016 he qualified for the CrossFit Games Regionals, coming 9th in Africa Region and first in Kuwait!

Severin moved back to Romania in September and started working as a CrossFit coach and a personal trainer at a gym called Smarfit in Timișoara. Severin has been there ever since.

“I’ve been a coach for more than 10 years now and I’ve accumulated lot’s of knowledge from my experience and from others who helped me to get where I am now”.

Severin has won lots of competitions such as:

Athens Throwdown
Cyprus Throwdown
Greg Sport Cup
Romanina Throwdown
Plus he is I’m the CrossFit Games National Champion of Romania 4x in a row

Severin’s Qualifications:

Crossfit Level 1
Fitness and Aerobic instructor level 3
Sport instructor level 3
Personal Trainer level 3
Active life immersion course
ISSA Personal Trainer Certificate
ISSA CPR and AED Certificate
Les Mills Bodybalance instructor