Born in Romania in 1987, Catalina started her successful career as a competitive gymnast at the age of 6 in her home country, where she was one of the athletes included in the selection for​ the junior national team. At the age of 19 she started practicing competitive aerobics, achieving excellent results even in this field. She started working as an artistic gymnastics coach at a very early age (Level 1and Level 2 coach for FGI, Italian Gymnastics Federation). After attending a training course at the Birmingham Gymnastics Academy, she started working in the world of fitness (ISSA Personal Trainer,​ FGI Level 2 Gym Trainer, Functional Training Instructor), with the aim of helping people on their way to well-being.

In 2014 she discovered CrossFit and she desperately fell in love with it. She started practicing it at competitive level while achieving relevant qualifications, such as her Level 1 certificate. She also started working as a CrossFit coach. In February 2020 she is going to achieve a Level 2 certficate. Catalina is fascinated by the way CrossFit makes use of gymnastics skills and practicing them constantly enables her to successfully teach them. Since 2015 she has been organizing gymnastics workshops in different CrossFit boxes all over Italy.

Catalina believes that teaching is what she loves the most and she finds most challenging: it is the best thing that could have happened to her, it is life itself!

CrossFit has changed her life and she is convinced that by sharing this passion she can improve the life of other people too.


  • 1st place Amsterdam Throwdown Team 2018
  • 34th place CrossFit Open 2018 (European Central Region)
  • 1st place​ CrossFit Games Open Romanian Championship 2019
  • 2nd​ place Roma Throwdown 2019
  • 94th​ place CrossFit Games 2019
  • 2nd​ place CrossFit Open​ Romanian Championship 2020

Catalina’s motto is: You need a plan.​ Set a goal and pursue it! Never give up! Because sometimes it is just a matter of seconds! And enjoy the journey because your destination is just where you want to get: what really matters is how you get there!