Alex started CrossFit in August 2015. He had spent the majority of his sporting life throughout school and university on the rugby field, however several injuries left him looking for a new challenge. He has not looked back since the first day he walked through the doors of Reebok CrossFit Cardiff.

Alex had always been interested in the world of sports and sports nutrition, spending many years working as a sales adviser and marketing manager in a sports nutrition store. During this time Alex was fortunate to gain a wide range of opportunities to help prepare and train alongside competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders. However, he was still searching for a training methodology which ticked all of the boxes – then he found CrossFit.

Alex quickly was afforded some fantastic opportunities at Reebok CrossFit Cardiff. He began coaching in January 2017 and has always been looking for new ways to develop his coaching and programming skills. Alex has been programming for group classes and competitions over the last 3 years. Alex is passionate about community development within the CrossFit box.


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer

What made you become a coach?
I love to help people achieve their goals. I find it very rewarding to listen to what people want to do, and helping them to achieve their goals through a structured and realistic plan.

Who inspires you in the world of sport and why?
A lot of people – Jonny Wilkinson, Roger Federer, Dina Asher-Smith, Mike Catris. However, there are some exceptional coaches who I also try and learn a lot from – one in particular is Sir Alex Ferguson. The man was able to maintain success. He was able to plan and adapt exceptionally well.

What is your favourite quote or mantra to live by?
Do not have regrets. Things that don’t go your way or which don’t quite go to plan are learning opportunities. Reflect and understand why things maybe didn’t go to plan.

Tell me something far lesser known about you.
By day I am a Speech and Language Therapist – I am a specialist in adults with progressive neurological conditions (such as Motor Neurone Disease) and I manage a team of therapists and assistants.