CrossFit Games Open Success

After five challenging weeks, our CrossFit Games Open shoutouts for our Athlete Program squad go to:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 1st in 🇪🇬 ⁣Mohamed Omda 1st in 🇿🇦⁣⁣ Dina Swift⁣ 1st in 🇷🇴⁣⁣ Severin Irimia 1st in 🇴🇲 Aslam Al Shukaili 2nd in 🇬🇧⁣⁣ Emelye Woo 2nd in 🇮🇪 Niall McCarthy 3rd in 🇧🇪⁣⁣ Sarah Massoni 4th in […]

CrossFit Games 19.5 Success

We are proud to give one last shoutout as this years first CrossFit Games Open comes to a close with 19.5, congratulations to our program squad in the RX category go to:⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ Zack George 1st in 🇬🇧⁣⁣ Mohamed Omda 1st in 🇪🇬 ⁣⁣ Dina Swift 1st in 🇿🇦⁣⁣ Emelye Dwyer 2nd in 🇬🇧⁣⁣ Sarah Massoni 3rd in 🇧🇪⁣⁣ Charlotte Spence […]

CrossFit Games 19.4 Success

Check out our 19.4 shoutouts for our Athlete Program squad in the RX category: Mohamed Omda 2nd in 🇪🇬 (1st overall) Severin Irimia 2nd in 🇷🇴 (1st overall) Emelye Dwyer 3rd in 🇬🇧 (2nd overall) Zack George 3rd in 🇬🇧 (19th overall Sarah Massoni 6th in 🇧🇪 (4th overall Tina Moeglin 6th in 🇫🇷 (10th overall) Charlotte Spence 10th in 🇬🇧 (7th overall Motaz Alsalahat 7th in 🇯🇴 (6th overall) Masters: Marcha Van Glaanen […]

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CrossFit Games 19.3 Success

Our CrossFit Games 19.3 shoutouts for our squad in the RX category go to:⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Emelye Woo 1st in 🇬🇧 (2nd overall)⁣⁣ Severin Irimia 1st in 🇷🇴 (1st overall)⁣⁣ Sarah Massoni 1st in 🇧🇪 (3rd overall)⁣⁣ Mohamed Omda 2nd in 🇪🇬 (1st overall)⁣⁣ Mike Catris 5th in 🇬🇧 (7th overall)⁣⁣ Charlotte Spence 14th in 🇬🇧 (6th overall)⁣⁣ Tina Moeglin 15th in 🇫🇷 (15th overall)⁣⁣ Hanna Venemyr 31st in 🇳🇴 (9th overall)⁣⁣ […]

CrossFit Games 19.2 Success

The second week of the CrossFit Games open and team TAP is still going strong, check out this weeks top ten success in the RX category: ⁣ Zack George 1st in 🇬🇧⁣⁣ Mohamed Omda 1st in 🇪🇬⁣ Severin Irimia 2nd in 🇷🇴⁣ Charlotte Spence 3rd in 🇬🇧⁣ Tina Moeglin 4th in 🇫🇷⁣ Sarah Massoni 5th in 🇧🇪⁣ Hanna Venemyr 8th in 🇳🇴⁣ ⁣ Congratulations guys […]

CrossFit Games 19.1 Success

What a brilliant start to this years Open, challenging, exciting and a workout you either loved or hated…. We’ve had some great success to kick start this years competition, an below is some CrossFit Games 19.1 shoutouts for our squad in the RX category: Severin Irmia 1st in Romania 🇷🇴 Mohamed Omda 1st in Egypt 🇪🇬 Jae Keun Kang 3rd […]

CrossFit Sanctioned Event Success

The UK’s first EVER CrossFit sanctioned event – Strength in Depth, has been and gone! If you missed it – it was sensational and we witnessed some of the most incredible performances from our Athlete Program members too! For our competing program members  – they went in and they executed exactly as planned and all came away […]

Try February For FREE

Give our training program a try this February completely for FREE To celebrate the success of our athletes at this years European Championships finals: We are giving you the chance to try our program throughout February completely for FREE (both individual and affiliate programs available) Sign up is quick and easy and you can see […]

Total Domination at The European Championships 2019

Congratulations to all #TeamTAP athletes who took part at this weekends European Championships Our guys and girls dominated the entire day and it was incredibly humbling to see how much everyone committed physically and emotionally throughout! What is always so brilliant to see is how our athletes conduct themselves both on and off the competition […]