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How to Become a Better Runner While Training CrossFit

While many CrossFit athletes have big aerobic engines, many seem to struggle with running, yet it is perfectly possible to excel both at CrossFit and running. Like with anything in life, the best way to improve is to practice. First off, find yourself a running plan designed to supplement your existing training program. Your program […]

Best CrossFit Program

What Exactly Makes The Athlete Program Special?

When you ask any gym owner what makes their Box special, their answer will most likely be “the community.” They might be proud of their location, their setup, their coaches; but what separates them from other fitness spaces, what makes their location special and unique, is the people that exercise with them. The same is […]

Why You Should Add Functional Bodybuilding to Your Fitness Training

Functional bodybuilding is the perfect mix between looking good and moving well. As a muscle building program (hypertrophy body-part split), it also encourages more functional movement during each session (as opposed to only bicep curls and machines). Being functional, it means you also train your body to be better prepared for life’s physical challenges. It’s […]

New Affiliate Training Block Starts This Week

The latest training block of our Affiliate Program started this week! A few weeks ago, we wrote about the specifics that conform good programming for CrossFit Boxes. One of the major aspects to consider is variability while having structure. Variation for the sake of variation won’t bring the same improvements and provide the same adaptations […]

How Do You Know If Your Box Has Got Good Programming

Programming for fitness can take many shapes and forms. While all sessions usually stem from the same idea: constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity, the reality of it is a bit more complicated. You would have probably noticed this if you’ve been part of more than one Box; some coaches tend to program […]

handstand hold

Your Guide to a Perfect Handstand Hold

Our brand new six-week handstand hold progression focus plan for beginners will teach you the techniques and exercises our members are using to achieve long, freestanding handstand holds. Handstands are a tough skill to master but they’re also fun, an impressive party trick and an excellent show of strength.  Supporting your body in a stable, […]

Nutrition Supplements to Support Improved Performance

The sports nutrition industry these days is simply huge with hundreds if not thousands of products promising to improve athletic performance and give the edge in competitive fitness. In such a saturated market filled with pseudo-science and questionable claims, it’s no wonder consumers find themselves overwhelmed by choice, confused by what’s on offer, and even […]