Sleep: The athlete’s not-so-secret weapon

The Athlete Program prescribes at least one day of full rest per week within its core programming to ensure good recovery when training. While a good balance might see the week split into 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off, athletes are encouraged to do what feels right, which could […]

Nutrition Supplements to Support Improved Performance

The sports nutrition industry these days is simply huge with hundreds if not thousands of products promising to improve athletic performance and give the edge in competitive fitness. In such a saturated market filled with pseudo-science and questionable claims, it’s no wonder consumers find themselves overwhelmed by choice, confused by what’s on offer, and even […]

Olympic Lifting Workshop with Giles Greenwood

Another fantastic opportunity offered to members of The Athlete Program; Commonwealth Games Record Holder Giles Greenwood hosted an Olympic Weightlifting workshop at CrossFit Colchester. Program athletes started their sunny Sunday with snatch drills, focusing on an efficient warm up and moving well with an empty bar. Giles discussed weight distribution in the feet, keeping the […]

In partnership with The Athlete Program

One of the most compelling, and positive aspects of CrossFit is the community it builds, and it’s no different for The Athlete Program. Everyone following our program is provided with an interactive online profile for logging training results, tracking progression, and viewing leaderboards. There’s also a private Facebook group where athletes post their training videos […]