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How to Transition into a Competitive CrossFit Athlete?

From classes to competition: how to transition into a competitive CrossFit athlete? Whether it’s about tackling weaknesses, hitting new PBs or qualifying to your first international event, here’s what you’ll have to take into account when making the transition. Build tolerance to more training: it’s not as easy as simply starting doing double sessions every […]

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Why Outsourcing Your Gym’s Programming Is a Good Idea

There are myriad of benefits to outsourcing your gym’s programming, especially nowadays. Gym owners are busy people with many tasks, especially those in charge of smaller Boxes, where coaching, marketing, keeping the books, cleaning and many other tasks fall on their hands. With COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns which prevented the community from working out together for […]

Brand New Focus Plans – Six Weeks to Mastery

We’ve just released eight brand new focus plans! Ranging from gymnastics to weightlifting and conditioning, our focus plans are designed to bring you the tools and knowledge required to master your weaknesses. CrossFit Weightlifting Focus Plans The Back Squat intermediate focus plan runs over six weeks and has been specifically designed to help improve and […]

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CrossFit Over 40 – Why It’s Never Too Late to Start

Health can be thought of as maintaining a state that is free from illness and injury. Fitness, on the other hand, is our ability to survive and overcome the stresses of life. Fitness and health are intrinsically linked; one is unable to be physically fit if one is not healthy. Likewise, if one’s fitness is […]

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TAP Elite Program Joins Affiliate Programming

Athletes following our Elite Program will now be able to train together with their Affiliate! Introduced last week, athletes on Individual Programming can join group classes and work out side by side with their communities. This move will promote an inclusive community for gyms following both programs. “This is something really exciting and I hope people […]

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How to Become a Better Runner While Training CrossFit

While many CrossFit athletes have big aerobic engines, many seem to struggle with running, yet it is perfectly possible to excel both at CrossFit and running. Like with anything in life, the best way to improve is to practice. First off, find yourself a running plan designed to supplement your existing training program. Your program […]

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What Exactly Makes The Athlete Program Special?

When you ask any gym owner what makes their Box special, their answer will most likely be “the community.” They might be proud of their location, their setup, their coaches; but what separates them from other fitness spaces, what makes their location special and unique, is the people that exercise with them. The same is […]

Why You Should Add Functional Bodybuilding to Your Fitness Training

Functional bodybuilding is the perfect mix between looking good and moving well. As a muscle building program (hypertrophy body-part split), it also encourages more functional movement during each session (as opposed to only bicep curls and machines). Being functional, it means you also train your body to be better prepared for life’s physical challenges. It’s […]