Ruan Duvenage

Our geographical footprint is escalating as Ruan Duvenage of Cape Town, South Africa jumps aboard #TEAMTAP

If his ever improving regional finishes are anything to go by, one would be wise to book their plan ticket to Maddison for 2019 now!  Ruan has made strong appearances at 3 of the Meridian Regional weekends; finishing 10th in 2016, 8th in 2017 and 6th in the 2018

The team at The Athlete Program are so excited to help this talented athlete make his assault on the 2019 season as he looks to claim his first appearance at The Games

Check out some of Ruan’s achievements in our sport so far:

3x CrossFit Regional Athlete
6th Place Meridian Regional 2018
1st – Fittest in Cape Town 15, 16 & 17
1st – The Battle
1st – Last Man Standing
1st – African Championships
1st – PTA Throwdown 2017 & 18

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Tina Moeglin

On your guard CrossFit… The continent is coming for you as Frances fittest female of 2017 & 2018 and fierce competitor Tina Moeglin joins #TEAMTAP

Having already taken the stage at regionals twice in 2017 & 2018 Tina is an experienced athlete at the tender age of just 24yrs old.  Now with the support of our carefully developed coaching team behind her, she has the additional tools she needs to fulfill this very exciting future of hers

Check out some of Tina’s achievements in our sport so far:

Fittest in France 2017 & 2018
2x CrossFit Regional Athlete
9th Europe South 2018
1st – The Affiliate Battle 2016/17
2nd – The Affiliate Battle 2018
1st – Belgian Throwdown (Team)
3x French Throwdown finalist

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Virginie Rousseau

We are excited to announce French athlete Virginie Rousseau has officially joined our team here at The Athlete Program

Virginie is an experienced athlete with 6 years in our sport and at 41yrs is an international inspiration across Europe too, here’s just a few of her competition achievements to date:

2x CrossFit Regionals
1st – Marseille Throwdown
2nd – Fall Series
3rd – Master Throwdown
3rd – Alpha Games
1st – 2x Affiliate Battle 17/18
6x TFT Finals

Keep up with her antics on Instagram here – @barbie_crossfit

Severin Irimia

Regional athlete Severin is an experienced competitor with many high profile titles to his name already  – so it goes without saying we’re excited to see where his journey will go next with the support of our TAP coaches….

Check out some of Severin’s key achievements in our sport:

CrossFit Regional Athlete
1st – Athens Throwdown
1st – Ultimate Smartfit Challenge
1st – Cyprus Throwdown
Fittest man in Kuwait 2016
Fittest man in Romania 2017 & 18
1st – Hungary Greg Sport Cup
2nd – Canaria Challenge
2nd – God’s Throwdown

Welcome to the team @Severin

Sarah Massoni

Our monopoly of Europe continues as we weclome Belgium’s fittest female Sarah Massoni to ‘The Athlete Program’ squad!

Sarah is just 25yrs old, and has already been crowned fittest in Belgium after the 2018 CrossFit Open. She attended regionals this year too and despite her being injured and having to pull out before the final day, she gave an OUTSTANDING performance!!

We are so proud and excited to have this ultra positive young lady in the team as she has great potential in the sport of fitness

Check out some of Sarah’s achievements in our sport so far:

Fittest in Belgium 2018
Regional Athlete 2018
2nd – Belgian Throwdown 2018
4th Athens Throwdown 2017

Enjoy following Sarah’s ultra positive vibes on Instagram @sarah.massoni

Jae-Keun Kang

Jae is officially China’s fittest male as he finished this years CrossFit Open in 1st place

And with an exciting sporting background, Jae will be one to watch in the 2019 season…. Check out a few of Jae’s competition achievements so far:

1st Place CrossFit Open 2018 in China
3rd CrossFit Rocketman Throwdown
3rd Busan Throwdown
4th Beijing Throwdown
5th China Invitational
1st KFML Nationals

Welcome to the team @jk_attitude 🙌🏻 exciting times ahead

Hanna Venemyr

We’re pleased to announce that CrossFit Games athlete Hanna Venemyr has joined ‘The Athlete Program’ squad

Aged just 26yrs, Hanna has an exciting future ahead of her and after competing in Madison this year as part of ‘Team RX Performance’ plus qualifying for regionals 2 years running, she already has a great amount of experience performing at the top level!

Check out some of Hanna’s achievements in our sport so far:

CrossFit Games Athlete 2018
3rd Fittest in Norway 2018
CrossFit Games Regional Athlete 2017 & 2018
1st Place – Kvadraturen Showdown
1st Place – Nordic Beach Brawl Team
1st Place – Pourdown Games Team
2nd Place – Aphrodite Games Team

You can follow Hanna on Instagram at: @hannavenem