Stay connected and healthy using online fitness classes

We often talk about how endorphins make us feel good, and how exercise is a healthy way to release those endorphins, but spending time with friends and loved ones can just feel good for similar reasons. Making the effort to stay connected with others, especially during these unprecedented times, is so important to cultivate feelings of safety, belonging, and security – and it’s wonderful keeping touch so you know what the people you care about are up to!

Be social for physical and mental health

Digital socialisation is normal for many of us these days, and even the most technophobic among us are getting the hang of a video call or a group hangout to maintain a sense of connectedness while it’s more difficult to meet in person. Time with friends and family helps many of us feel positive, even refreshed, and it combats feelings of loneliness. It might be having lunch “together”, it might be a catch up over a coffee, or it could be something more active with online fitness classes now so readily available.

Sharing common interests with someone is the basis for a solid friendship, and regular gym-goers know the relationships built by the barbell can be life-long! There’s something special about working out together – shared effort, social encouragement, and friendly competition – that can bond people together.

The Athlete Program’s Online Fitness Classes

This week, the Athlete Program is launching a fully coached, interactive online class program, so not only will you get your training in, you’ll also be in with a group of likeminded people, ready to break a sweat.

Each class has three options to choose from based on kit availability meaning there are bodyweight variations of all the exercises, plus adaptations for one kettlebell, a set of dumbbells, a barbell and plates, and even ergs. The assigned coach will provide feedback on your technique through the class, and you can interact with (or even race!) other TAP Athletes.

Gym buddies, even without the gym!

Evidence shows that training with another person could increase your fitness success by up to 200%. Gym buddies help hold you accountable, and can make a visit to the pain cave a lot more fun – which will impact your exercise performance in a positive way. With gyms closing and opening while the world deals with lockdown restrictions, it’s more difficult to hang out with our gym buddies, as well as make new ones, but The Athlete Program’s zoom fitness classes offer a way to stay active, stay connected, and stay social.

We all know we need exercise for good health. Join us in a group class and share a workout, instead of sharing a beer… or maybe do both?