Meet the Powerhouses Behind The Athlete Program Elite Team

The Athlete Program Team, a CrossFit Games qualifying team, is formed by four incredible individuals.

Alec Harwood

A Regionals competitor since 2012 and coach at CrossFit Bath, Alec is the chilled-out member of the team.

“Alec is just gifted,” says Mike, the team’s captain, about him.

“He absolutely annihilates every workout,” added Charlotte. “I’ve never seen the man struggle on anything.”

Charlotte Spence

She’s been within the top 5 Fittest Women in the UK for the past five years. A CrossFit Regionals athlete, former Army member and super-mum, Charlotte will destroy any workout.

“Charlotte is probably the most humble character I’ve ever had the privilege to train and coach and compete with,” says Mike.

“She’s an absolute powerhouse, she just keeps going,” added teammate Maddy.

Maddy Harris

The latest addition to The Athlete Program team, Maddy is one of the UK’s Fittest Women and recently swapped from competing individually to the team format.

“Maddy is just a workhorse,” explained Mike. “She’s fit.”

Mike Catris

Mike is the team leader and the “bossy one”.

Head Coach and Program Designer at The Athlete Program, Mike also leads and organises everything for the Elite Team, and has affectionately been described as “the bossy one”.

He keeps tempting Alec into competitions when all the second wants to do it retire.