Why Outsourcing Your Gym’s Programming Is a Good Idea

There are myriad of benefits to outsourcing your gym’s programming, especially nowadays.

Gym owners are busy people with many tasks, especially those in charge of smaller Boxes, where coaching, marketing, keeping the books, cleaning and many other tasks fall on their hands.

With COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns which prevented the community from working out together for a long while worldwide, and the problems that closing down a gym for months on end naturally brings, Affiliate owners have got a lot on their plate at the moment.

Outsourcing your gym’s programming can save precious time, and it also comes with many other benefits.

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Benefits to outsourcing programming

  • Save time: programming can take up a lot of time, especially if you want to deliver a structured program with specific training blocks that offer different focuses (strength, gymnastics, conditioning) and are also varied in their metcons (balanced across time frames and modalities). You don’t only need someone experienced and knowledgeable to deliver such program, but doing so requires a good couple of hours a week.
  • Further develop your gym: by outsourcing your programming, you can save that time and reinvest it in building your community, improving your marketing and putting information out to your community and the people beyond it.
  • Get access to resources to develop your athletes AND your coaches: the Athlete Program Affiliate Program comes with detailed programming analysis and insight. This allows members to clearly know what they’re working towards and gives your gym’s coaches an opportunity to develop through the program analysis. Besides these resources, every session includes warm up suggestions, movement scaling options for different abilities, and coaches notes for your team on the stimulus for the workout itself.
  • Structure and success: anyone can think of a few exercises and bunch them together, but the most successful programs – those which see members improve – are the ones that follow structured training blocks. Each block will incorporate strength, gymnastics and monostructural elements, and will provide enough opportunities for members to see progression.
  • Good programming for every day of the year: the Affiliate Program here at The Athlete Program offers a structured program seven days of the week. Gym owners get content for every day of the week throughout the year.
  • Great value: for only £39 per month (or £29 if you join for a year upfront) you can get a solid program, unlimited support, bespoke personalisations based on your needs, programming insights, community support and many more resources.

Ultimately, a gym owner is the one person who knows its community and setup best, but this shouldn’t stop them from considering outsourcing their programming. Our Affiliate Program, for example, offers unlimited support to all affiliates within our community. Our coaches are there to clarify any doubts and provide an open channel of communication to offer scaling options for both injuries and abilities, as well as alternatives for equipment.

Our head coaches constantly seek feedback, and tweak and create the program based on the community’s growth and progress.

Why Outsourcing Your Gym’s Programming Is a Good Idea

In essence, it’ll save you time which you can spend on further developing your coaches and gym (and many other tasks), it can be adapted to any of your needs, and it’s great value for money.