Brand New Focus Plans – Six Weeks to Mastery

We’ve just released eight brand new focus plans! Ranging from gymnastics to weightlifting and conditioning, our focus plans are designed to bring you the tools and knowledge required to master your weaknesses.

CrossFit Weightlifting Focus Plans

The Back Squat intermediate focus plan runs over six weeks and has been specifically designed to help improve and develop your overall back squat. The program is divided into six phases, moving from muscular conditioning hypertrophy to a linear progression.

The first week utilises high reps to establish the hypertrophy phase. Effectively preparing the connective tissue (tendons and ligaments etc) for the heavier loads later in the program.

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crossfit back squat focus plan

The Deadlift intermediate focus plan is based on the iconic Madcow’s 5×5 program and aims to improve and develop your overall deadlift strength.

It follows several phases:

  1. Baseline 5RM test
  2. Four weeks of ‘under-reaching’ (performing sets under your 5RM)
  3. Three weeks of ‘over-reaching’ (progressing to sets above your current 5RM)
  4. Re-test 5RM

Each week, you’ll also focus on a new pointer to improve your conventional deadlift.

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crossfit deadlift focus plan

CrossFit Conditioning Focus Plans

The beginners Row Plan has been specifically designed to help improve and develop your overall rowing capacity and skill over a periodised 10 week training plan.

You will cover time trials, power tests and, max efforts over different distances and time domains. The program includes accessory work and complimentary lifts to increase your strength and teach you rowing efficiency.

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crossfit rowing focus plan

The Assault Bike focus plan is also tailored at beginners and runs for 10 weeks. Much like the rowing plan, it features time trials, power tests and max distance tests. The accessory work and complimentary lifts are especially targeted at improving power for the Assault bike and include squats, lunges and weighted box step ups.

Test yourself over long and short distances and a variety of times.

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bike erg focus plan crossfit

The Ski Erg focus plan has been specifically designed to help improve and develop your overall Ski Erg capacity over a periodised 10 week training plan.

You’ll start with a 2,000m time trial and note time as well as watts. Then, you’ll move to a max effort power test of 10 second sprints, noting the peak watts for each interval and taking an average score. These tests will be repeated at the end of the program, and you’ll be able to see how much you’ve progressed.

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crossfit ski erg focus plan

CrossFit Gymnastics Focus Plans

In addition to our Handstand Hold focus plan, we’ve added three comprehensive Toes to Bar plans.

Specifically designed to help improve and develop your Toes to Bar (T2B) endurance and skill over a periodised 6 week training plan, the T2B plans cover three levels:

Level 1 is aimed at individuals who need to develop the strength required to be able to perform strict T2B, but also have the strength tocreate and control movement under momentum when kipping.

Level 2 is for individuals who have either covered the Level 1 Toes to Bar program, or already have the basic strength foundation and small capacity to perform both strict and kipping T2B.

Level 3 is for athletes who have completed the previous two levels or already have the strength to perform strict toes to bar and the skill to be able to perform kipping T2B. This program focuses on developing the individual’s capacity, both for a max unbroken set and when fatigued or at a high heart rate.

toes to bar focus plan crossfit

More focus plans coming up in the future – keep your eyes on The Athlete Program’s Focus Plans and tackle your weaknesses.