TAP Elite Program Joins Affiliate Programming

Athletes following our Elite Program will now be able to train together with their Affiliate!

Introduced last week, athletes on Individual Programming can join group classes and work out side by side with their communities.

This move will promote an inclusive community for gyms following both programs.

“This is something really exciting and I hope people see value in it,” said coach Alex Conroy, head of our Affiliate Program.

Every Tuesday and Friday, one component of the training day of our Elite Program will cross over with the Affiliate one, so all athletes in the community feel like they’re on the same boat.

While the Athlete Programs offers a dozen specialised programs, we’ve found that individuals on the Elite program can feel isolated if they’re following the sessions alone. Within a gym environment, this can lead to independent training when they’d like to feel integrated with the team and community.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re really happy to have the Elite and Affiliate program working together and excited to integrate them more in the future.

We will continue to adapt this over the next few months to include weightlifting or gymnastics skills as opposed to just the metcon.

Head coach Mike Catris, who programs for the Elite athletes, and Alex, the mind behind the Affiliate Program, review the sessions together with focuses on both blocks.

The workouts are designed for Elite athletes, yet can be scaled easily to cater for every gym member. Take our workout from today for example:

🔸4 Rounds Each for AMRAP:

  • 25 Burpees (as fast as possible – 1:30 cap)
  • 3 Minute AMRAP of Cindy (5 Pull Ups / 10 Press Ups / 15 Air Squats)

Rest 1:30 between rounds

24 Minutes Total

A 1:30 cap on the burpees has been added for Affiliate athletes, who might not be as efficient with burpees as athletes following the Elite Program. Once they have a set number of burpees completed in 1:30, they can target the same for the next round.

The principle of scaling relative to the athlete’s physical and mental tolerances still applies. Alex and Mike have put a lot of thought into the logistics to help all athletes achieve the intended stimulus of every workout.

The Athlete Program keeps getting better and better.