CrossFit Over 40 – Why It’s Never Too Late to Start

Health can be thought of as maintaining a state that is free from illness and injury. Fitness, on the other hand, is our ability to survive and overcome the stresses of life. Fitness and health are intrinsically linked; one is unable to be physically fit if one is not healthy. Likewise, if one’s fitness is reduced, one is unlikely to be healthy.

As we age, our health (and thus fitness) becomes extremely important. CrossFit is almost the perfect prescription for age, since it helps develop a broad range of physical traits related to fitness.


Words by The Athlete Program Masters Head Coach Rob Walker.

  1. Resistance, or strength training, can help build or maintain muscle mass. The stronger you are, the easier it is to perform physical tasks.
  2. Strength training can help reduce the risk of injury:
  • Reduces and can reverse Osteoporosis by increasing bone density.
  • Strengthens the muscles and connective tissues around the joints.
  1. Aerobic training (Cardio) helps maintain Cardiovascular function and health. The World Health Organisation states that Cardiovascular Diseases are the NUMBER ONE cause of death globally.
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Lower Blood pressure
  • Makes your heart stronger
  1. Exercise, along with a balanced and controlled diet, is the best way to maintain a healthy bodyweight and composition.
  2. There is strong evidence to show that exercise can maintain normal hormone levels, relieve stress, improve mental health, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.

Exercise is the true fountain of youth!

CrossFit Over 40 – What is a Masters Athlete?

Any person who is proficient in sports or physical exercise can be called an athlete. A ‘Masters’ Athlete is simply an age distinction. There is no requirement to be Elite or competitive at all.

A Masters Athlete would typically prioritise Fitness in their life. Not only for themselves, but also to be physically and mentally strong for their loved ones.

The challenge of competition may be an added element of motivation. This is where careful prescription is extremely important in order to reduce the risk of injury from (over)training.

crossfit masters training plan

CrossFit Masters Training Program

How is The Athlete Program CrossFit Masters specifically designed with older athletes in mind? The easy answer is that the load and workout prescription are in line with the CrossFit Masters Open and Age Group Online Qualifier.

However, it’s much more complex than that. The overall strategy is to maintain and/or improve strength and fitness, but be within 10-15% away from peak performance throughout the season. Then peak for the CrossFit Open, which has now moved to February again.

These are some other headline goals of the program:

  • Reduced focus on single rep maxes.
  • Progressive training block length, and session duration appropriate for the ageing athlete.
  • Focus on improving a subset of skills each training block, not everything at the same time.
  • Utilise preparatory training blocks and strategically planned de-load/transition periods.
  • Include varied mobility and mobilisation movements in every warm-up – specific to the training that day.

Whilst volume and intensity is carefully prescribed with Masters in mind, it covers all aspects of CrossFit, from strength to gymnastics, weightlifting to endurance, and skill progression to help mobility improvement too.

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