Árni Freyr, head coach at Iceland’s first CrossFit gym, CrossFit Sport has been an athlete his whole life. In 2010 after starting CrossFit to support his soccer practice he soon dropped soccer and made CrossFit his number one focus and has not looked back since – CrossFit has completely taken over his athletic, professional and even personal life in a way.⁣

Árni’s competitive CrossFit career started when he qualified for European Regionals with team CrossFit Sport in 2011, where they won and earned a spot at the CrossFit Games in LA. In 2012 he went to the Games on a team again and then finally competed as an individual at Regionals in 2013. After Regionals 2013 he started to turn his focus more towards coaching and began pursuing a degree in Sports Science at Reykjavik University.⁣

He has since then worked as a coach full time, teaching classes and hosting workshops as well as one-on-one coaching. In addition to training thousands of CrossFitters of all levels at the box, he has through the years also worked with professional soccer players and with elite masters athletes such as Hilmar Harðarson, a multiple podium finisher at The CrossFit Games and Hrund Scheving, a weightlifter and world record holder in the 40-44 year old category.⁣

Árni is currently working as head coach at both CrossFit Sport and CrossFit Suðurnes in Iceland as well as being @thurihelgadottir coach. He is passionate about a smart approach to training, minimizing risk of injury while achieving the highest of performance goals, paying close attention to quality of movement and responsible programing.⁣

Welcome to the team Árni 🙌🏻

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