Day 3 of The Crossfit Games

Day 3 of The CrossFit Games…

Event 6 saw a Sprint event that was incredible to watch, it was a short and sharp workout which proved to be a huge strength for some CrossFit Games athletes, following this event was the last cut to the final 10 in each category

Event 7 was a ‘Split Triplet’

5 rounds:
1 pegboard ascent
100 double-unders
10 DB hang split snatches (55 | 80 lb.)
10 DB hang clean and jerks (55 | 80 lb.)

Tia Clare Toomey & Matt Fraser both taking the win in this event and absolutely dominating the competition floor

Event 8 was the final event of the day and we saw a 1 Rep Max Clean ladder in the Colosseum, Amanda Barnhart was an incredible athlete to watch in this event power cleaning 97.5kg! Final bar being lifted by Tia and taking the win for this event was a huge 120kg

Mens event was just as exciting seeing Scott Panchik & Matt Fraser fight for the win, final lift by Matt was an epic 175kg