Emelye Dwyer European Championships Winner 2019

Congratulations to program athlete Emelye Dwyer for been crowned The European Championships winner 2019!

Emelye came out swinging in this years competition with a 2nd place event finish in the WOD1 endurance test.

Then she battled her way through 5 more scoring opportunities before going into the semi finals.

Here she picked up another 2nd place finish which put her joint 1st going into the final itself…

This is where we saw Emelye step it up another gear going on to win this workout and therefore claim the 2019 title!

We are so proud of program athlete Emelye’s achievements and pleased for her as an individual too, as she works incredibly hard in training 365 days a year and gives everything she has on the competition floor.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and has fully earned the prestige’s title of TEC winner 2019

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