Who are We?

The Athlete Program is an online fitness community with over 50 years of combined coaching experience at the highest level in the sport. We are dedicated to helping aspiring athletes reach their goals in competitive fitness.

We offer a number of different programs for athletes of all abilities and limitations. We offer a 7 day free trial on all our programs so you can make sure it’s the right program for you and you can see what we can do to help.

There are no contracts and prices start from £35 per month.

Going through our TAP PROGRAM SELECTOR will help you decide which program is best suited to give you the results you want!

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What do we do?

The Athlete Program offers online programming for athletes at all stages in their competitive fitness journey, from beginners to elite. Over the last 3 seasons we have taken 12 athletes to the CrossFit Games, over 50 to the Semi Final stages and hundreds of athletes to the CrossFit Quarter Finals. We Have also been represented on podiums in competitions all over the globe from local throwdowns to CrossFit Sanctioned Events at the pinnacle of the sport.

Why do we do it?

Over the past 10 years the sport of fitness has evolved. We have seen huge changes in the way we train to succeed at the top end of the sport. Yet we still see athletes not seeing the results they want or deserve, even though they’re training hard!

We feel that most athletes don’t receive the right support in their training, are putting too much time and emphasis on the wrong things and struggle to see progress despite their efforts in the gym because of this.

So, we created The Athlete Program to help bridge that gap. We have 10 experienced coaches on hand working on a range of programs designed to get you the results you deserve with daily workouts tailored to your specific goals.

How do we do it?

As a member, you’ll get new workouts uploaded to your dashboard every week. By logging on the FitR app on your phone you will see that day’s program, plus tips, instructional videos and more from our coaches!

We have the right program and level of support for you.

This program offers volume in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and gymnastics at a volume and intensity to take you to your peak levels of fitness. This program will ensure you are ready to compete to your full potential during the CrossFit Games Open, Quarter Finals and Semi Finals. The Athlete Program is very challenging and will push you to your limits but will take those who trust the process further than they thought they could ever go.

Each day’s workouts include warmups, cool downs, and workout notes that clearly explain the intended stimulus, target scores, time caps, movement explanation, scaling options and more.

Personalising Your Program

The button below through a dynamic questionnaire which will link you to the best program suited to your personal needs.

We offer options for elite athletes, masters, and intermediate levels. With further options for those looking to train once or multiple sessions per day, we can tailor the program to suit your needs. Furthermore, we can target your weaknesses with the option to bias the program specifically to work on strength, gymnastics or conditioning while still getting a well-rounded program that will improve you in all aspects of training.

Once you’ve signed up to the program that fits you best, you’ll complete a test week and from the scores you put in the app your program personalisation can really begin! Based on your scores elements of the workouts will be updated in your FitR app to give you specific weights, paces and reps ensuring you are getting the right stimulus from every workout to maximise your improvement.