The Athlete Program

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The Athlete Program is designed to improve performance by targeting all fitness disciplines including strength, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, skills and endurance. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor, or are looking to compete for the first time The Athlete Program is tailored to help you reach your potential.

Upon joining you will have access to either two sessions per day or one 90 minute session, depending on your level of fitness and experience and time.
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Not only does The Athlete Program programme for individuals, it also offers The Affiliate Program. The Affiliate Program is designed to provide tried and tested structure to class workouts that link to the individual program enabling your competitors to continue to train alongside regular members therefore maintaining the community within the gym.

The Athlete Program simultaneously builds strength and conditioning ensuring that athletes are ready for competition such as The CrossFit Games Open and The European Championships with qualifiers for these events built into the programming.

Everyone following the program is given an interactive online profile in which training results can be logged, personal progression tracked and leaderboards viewed. Members are also invited to join the private Facebook group where videos can be posted and analysed by our expert coaching team, thereby helping to fine tune individual movements specific to each athlete.

Athlete Program

“Inside the program”

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The Athlete Program is structured to ensure you peak when it matters, specifically in time for The CrossFit Games Open.

Structured programming is paramount in building the complete athlete as mastering of all components will enhance your athletic performance. Here is an insight into our programming and your training.

Metabolic Conditioning:

An effective combination of the energy pathways will be trained throughout to maximise performance and work towards building a complete athlete.  The Athlete Program will guide you through your Conditioning training sessions, setting clear training targets so you can be confident you are working at the right intensity to increase work capacity in all modalities.

Olympic Weightlifting:

The Athlete Program will use structured Weightlifting blocks with a focus on each phase of training.  Improving your barbell game doesn’t happen over night.  It takes consistent training of correct barbell movement patterns at different volumes and loads to improve skill, strength and technique.  Our overall goal is to prepare you for any barbell workout, from 1 rep max attempts, max load barbell complexes and high repetition barbell workouts.


Our gymnastics programming will increase the strength required to perform all variations of gymnastic movements with relevant exercises and progressions needed to perform movements such as ring and bar muscle ups, butterfly pull ups and handstand push-ups.  For competitors who can already perform full RX movements the Athlete Program will add more consistency and efficiency to your current RX gymnastic skills.

Here at The Athlete Program we take pride in the art of programming and its through our broad knowledge and experience that we can deliver the most comprehensive training program in the world!

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